Translations of china Pt.1 – My favourite and funniest translations from travelling in China

Visiting China for the first time, there are many things that stand out creating lasting memories and images of the country. The smells of chinese specialities being cooked in stalls along the street. The noise of traffic chaos as  motorbikes weave through people, beeping their horns offering a ride. The towering skyscrapers overwhelming you as you make your way through the city or the equally impressive mountain ranges of the national parks.

Some of the more subtle but hugely entertaining parts of my first visit to this country have been the translations. From safety signs to mountain ranges, the names and warnings have questionable translations and these are my favourite twelve from my first few weeks in China, I hope you enjoy!

1.”huge crowds of people”




2. The “however series” on the food menu. Presumably not a dish cooked however the chef wants




3. “dont litter, as you are civilized”




4. “the wild monkey infesting area, Caution! Do not tease feeding”




5. “Thunderbolt striking area. Be careful!”




6. “Warning! Dangerous rock!”




7. The “carefully hot” water




8. The Zhangjiajie national park was filled with hilarious names for landmarks but this “wife expecting husband peak” was my personal favourite




9. “Mountain land falls off possibly, be careful”




10. There is just “NO WAY”




11. Now to the smiling grass, my favourite signs so far that I don’t know how to interpret so that is up to you! “smiling grass hopes you make the round of your road”




12. “Your interruption will scare the shyly smiling grass”



The rules of the visa mean I have left the country, but I will be back for a second month so I hope there will be a second batch of translations coming soon!



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