Me and My Blog

Last year I finished my degree in environmental sciences after four years of study in the UK. Up to this point I have been lucky enough to travel a bit and I have always loved exploring the world with friends family and on my own.

After I had finished my degree my desire to see some more of the world was strong but worse than having no money, fours years of studying had left me with minus money! I worked in a cafe in norwich, the same city where I completed my degree, for a couple of months then left England for Spain where up to now i have been teaching English in schools.

This journey has given me lots of experiences that I think are worth sharing with you all, and as my teaching job here in Spain comes to an end and i begin planning my next adventures, it looks like there are going to be many more to share!

As I said, my journeys so far have given me experiences that I think are worth sharing. On this blog you will find regular posts that I hope will help inform and inspire your own journeys so watch this space and follow Journeys Of George so you dont miss a thing!

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