Waves for water


My girlfriend, Celia, Has been studying in China since February, and on the 29th of June I am flying out to Hong Kong to meet her and explore China and Asia together. This is great chance to see another part of the world and it is also a great opportunity to help some of the people living in the world less fortunate than myself in a simple and useful way.

Waves for water is a charity with the mission of getting clean water to every single person who needs it. Although it can be easily taken for granted, millions of people worldwide are currently living with no access to clean water and the waves for water ‘clean water couriers’ initiative is really simple and I love it! The idea was originally conceived in the surf community but it is applicable to anyone travelling to places in need of clean water. You raise funds to buy water filters, provided by waves for water, pack them with you on your travels and distribute them in the communities that need them. One filter cost $50 and can provide 100 people with clean water for 5 years. The idea is that thousands of travelling folks each with a few filters can make a very large collective impact. For more information about the filters, charity and the other work they are doing check out wavesforwater.org

China is often associated with huge cities and a rapidly growing economy and this is true however the contrast between the city and rural areas is huge. I had a look at the WHO/UNICEF water monitoring report and although many more people in Eastern Asia have improved access to clean water, 64 million people do not, the majority (69%) living in rural communities. In South East Asia a further 60 million people, in 2015, did not have access to clean water and again the majority (78%) are from rural areas.

In short, there are a lot of people who still need clean water in this area. These filters are not necessarily a long term solution but they will provide vital help to the people suffering now as a result of limited access to clean water. I’m in contact with some local charities to arrange an appropriate place to take the filters to make sure that they will get to the people and communities who need them.

I am planning to purchase 5 filters initially which will cost $250 (if I get lots of support then hopefully I can take more!). That’s clean water for 500 people for five years. I have set up a page on waves for water and if any of you feel that this is something you would like to be part of, then I really encourage you to donate to the fundraiser. Even a small amount of money will be gratefully and thankfully received and I would really appreciate your support. I will keep you updated on where they are going to be distributed and give updates as they are distributed so you will know that your money has been put to good use.

I also just want to raise awareness of this great scheme and encourage anyone who is planning a trip in the near future to get involved. Part of the appeal is that it requires very little work from you, as it says on the website “doing what you love, whilst helping on the way.” With a bit of planning you can make a big difference to some people and be part of a broader scheme to provide clan water to everyone who needs it.

The easiest way to find my project is to go to my fundraiser  or journeysofgeorge on facebook and click the link that will take you straight to the project homepage, Thanks for you support!